While researching David Popper, I discovered that many precious masterpieces are almost forgotten. Some of them are completely unavailable today, for example, the score of the Op.69 Suite has not been re-published since the late 19th century. My goal is to introduce, record and publish all remaining unknown works by Popper.

The concept of my CD was to record the unknown Mazurka Op.12, Konzert-Polonaise Op.28, Jagdstück Op.55/2 alongside the well known counterparts.

Popper’s Hungarian Rhapsody is one of the most popular encore pieces. As a Hungarian, I felt it is my duty to include it in my project.

The Op.69 Suite is one of my most important discoveries. It is the most serious work I have ever heard or played. The mesmerizing Nocturne, with its beautiful harmonic passage has become one of my favorite encores.


Laszlo Mezo



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